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Deep Purple in Dortmund, Germany on 29th Oktober 2000

So I went to see them at the same place where I saw Purple in 1985 for the first time in my life after their reunion. with the great spirit of the CD and the video from the Royal Albert Hall I was sure to have a nice evening.

They started with "Pictured Within" and I was surprised that Miller Anderson was with them. The orchestra sounded terrible, because it was mic'd up and over loaded. The piano sound was also terrible. No song played this night known from the RAH CD or "Live At The Olympia '96" reached the level of the record. Lord's organ (C3) had a bad sound. What a great sound he has on the video with the B3 organ. Every song was disturbed by the loudness.

I was surprised that they played "Fools" from "Fireball". So it wasn´t good enough to play 30 years ago, but now it is? Let me explain: I like them to play numbers different to their usual repertoire. But wasn´t it better to have done this in the 70´s when Gillan had his full voice? Remember "Black Night" from the 1972 Japan tour? So I, a Deep Purple fan since I was nine years old, am very disapointed about the show I saw.

There´s so much more to say, but who wants to know?

Carsten Matu

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