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God bless them all!

I have just returned from the koncert in Kipsala (Latvia) and I am really impressed. They were great!! Unbelievable! More than two hours of excellent music and a lot of improvisations. Actually it seems that this concert was more vivid than that which is recorded on the CD with the LSO.

But no, there was no orchestra. And there was also no support band before them. (I guess no one were so brave to risk to be booed off the stage.) Actually they were absolutely fantastic. They played "Woman From Tokyo", "Fools", "Speed King", "Watching The Sky", "Ted The Mechanic", "Perfect Strangers", "Black Night", "Smoke On The Water", "'69", "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming", "Pictures Of Home", "Bloodsucker", "When A Blind Man Cries" and "Lazy". (This is not the right order, and may not be a complete list either).

They improvised quite a lot and did some good covers ("It's Now Or Never" - for example). Of course they were all great. But I really enjoyed Gillan's singing and Morse's playing. It was really interesting how the old songs would sound, when not played by Ritchie, and I was impressed. For example "Pictures Of Home". I first heard played by Yngwie J. Malmsteen, and only after that Ritchie's original version, and I discovered that Yngwie's performance was more impressive. When Steve played all those classique tunes he sounded great. I already had some of his solo albums, where that clean sound appeared, but to hear it at the same quality in concert... Well, that was amazing.

It seems that the band also enjoyed this last concert in tour, and thus played for over two hours.

My five year old son still sings some of the riffs and informs people, that he was at the Deep Purple concert and that "they knew what kind of songs children like".

I really hope that they will do the last concert on the next tour in Latvia again, and that they will also play "Child In Time" along with the new and old stuff.

This was worth the two hours traffic jam after the concert.

God bless them all!


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