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DEEP PURPLE (+) Stockholm, 7 October 2000

Is it just me or did Jon Lord have the last section of the "Second Movement" cut out because, I presume, of the loud, rude, ignorant, selfish audience? At one point I reckon at least half the audience was clapping and a large number chanting during one of the movements. So I don't think it was a minority at all. Me and my friend had our heads in our hands with anger, frustration and embarrassment for the first two movements because of the fucking pricks in the audience. I was pleased to hear Gillan say to the audience after "The Concerto", "OK, you've had your say, now it's our turn...". The "Third Movement" was listenable only because it was so loud.

The concert was totally excellent apart from the majority of "The Concerto" which was supposed to be the main event.

We felt really sorry for Jon - one could imagine him thinking it was a mistake bringing The Concerto" back if it gets this type of reception.

In my humble opinion the performance of Deep Purple was flawless and it is hard to understand why they were treated with such indifference by so called 'fans'.

Andrew Grandison

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