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Deep Purple, Dio & The Buenos Aires Symphony Orchestra

My name is Gabriel Dalmás, I´m an Uruguayan fan who travelled to Argentina.

This is my review of the first show.

Symphonic introduction (4 - 5 mins.) (Starting the show climax.)
"Pictured Within" (w/Miller Anderson)
"Sitting In A Dream" (w/Dio)
"Love Is All" (w/Dio) (powerful and with lot of swing!!!!!)
"Fever Dream" (Or something like that) from "Magica", latest Dio album. Similar to "Man On The Silver Mountain" by Rainbow but really an excellent song. Dio w/Purple. Superb!!!!!
"Rainbow In The Dark" (Dio singing his famous song with DP. Powerful!!!! We all shook our heads!!!)
"Via Miami" (A little slower than version on CD.)
"That's Why God Is Singing The Blues"
"Wring That Neck" (Jazzy!!!! The Kick Horns were fantastic.)

Ten minutes of intermission...

"Concerto, Movement 1" (Steve´s solo from another planet. All the place in darkness but a light on him.)
"Concerto, Movement 2"
"Concerto, Movement 3" (Ian solo, my God...)
"Ted The Mechanic" (Powerful version, the horns were fantastic!!!)
"Watching The Sky"
"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming"
"Pictures Of Home" (High point of the night together with "Smoke On The Water"). Roger's solo was very acclaimed. Steve and Jon were simply fantastic at the end making 'instrumental battles'!!! They went off stage for two minutes and came back with Ronnie to play...
"Smoke On The Water" (High point of the night together with "Pictures Of Home".)

Note: Paul Mann was the director of the Buenos Aires Symphonic Orchestra, wich played excellently, 10/10.


Some trouble with the sound during "Pictured Within" and "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming".Five or six guys who I guess didn´t know what they were going to see. They shouted some times during symphonic parts or the show. Fortunately people like us who really wanted to see what we saw, put them in their place - nearly by force. All the rest of us felt really ashamed. Sorry, Jon & guys - sorry, Paul Mann.

Bad things disappeared with the tears of emotion that I had during the "Concerto" and the euphoria during the other part of this historical show. It´ll be in my mind for the rest of my life!!!

Gabriel Dalmás

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