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We all had a HELL of a night in Hangar 5 in HELL the 5th of Oct-00. What a show! Deep Purple fans came from all over in Scandinavia and only a few journalists from Oslo were negative.

A friend of mine who's a fighter pilot came up to me backstage. He asked me who on this earth would have believed that the hangar he was working in 1973, lined up with Saab Safirs, 27 years later should be the venue of a Deep Purple show!?

I have to tell you, I`m 44 years old and me and my son who's 17 agreed; It was a hell of a concert. Even his friends at his age agreed on this. Deep Purple weren't my biggest favourites 20 years ago, but now, it was a fantastic night in Hell and even if it was faaaar away from Oslo some journalists admitted that things do happen outside the big (Norwegian) apple.

Many thanks to Deep Purple and the Romanian Philarmonic Orchestra who made this a never-to-be-forgotten evening in Hell.


Kåre Jonny Friheim

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