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Deep Purple live In Milano, Italy, Oct. 23, 2000

Hi to everyone, I'm Roberto Principe from Milano, Italy. I would like to tell you how wonderful the Purple concert was with the Romanian orchestra in Milano, on October 23, 2000 (sorry for my bad English...) It was the BEST concert that I have ever seen in all my life (I'm 34 years old, I have 2 sons and play drums in a Purple tribute band called "Fireball"...) and I think that Steve Morse has put new blood into the band giving to Purple a second youth....

Now I have seen the great Ian Paice, Roger, Ian and Mr. Jon Lord really happy to play and this is the best thing for every one of us .... They really are the BEST hard rock band, absolutely the BEST in the world ....but , sorry, "The Concerto" in Milano was really wonderful, perfect audio, perfect sound, perfect strangers.... Magic sound with the orchestra for "Concerto For Group And Orchestra" (thanks to Jon for every note of this composition) and magic sound with the orchestra during Purple's songs (great "Fools", "When A Blind Man Cries", "Pictures Of Home", "Perfect Strangers" really giving me shivers, "Ted The Mechanic", "Sometimes I feel Like Screaming" ...)

After 2 hours of GREAT music we sang "Smoke On The Water" and "Black Night" with the band. It ended after "Highway Star", leaving us dreaming of singing with the band another time, another night. Thanks Deep Purple for coming here again....

P.S. For drummers: Ian Paice's drum solo was really incredible.... Now when I put my drumsticks in my hands I say, "But what am I doing??....I'm not a drummer, I only play drums...." Bye to everyone.

Roberto Principe

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