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Germany - Hamburg, October 1, 2000

The first "Concerto" in Germany - Deep Purple was inviting and everyone was coming. Many fans were at the entrance, looking for tickets, and tension crackled everywhere in the CCH, whole families inquisitive for the live performance of one of the most famous and historical pieces of music Purple ever did. So it wasn't really disadvantageous that the beginning of the show was delayed due to an accident on the highway; Everyone in the totally sold out hall wanted to celebrate a wonderful party with this band (most of the audience seemed to be part of the music from DP since the beginning in 1969!), so half an hour of delay didn't really matter.

I don't want to write down the set list, I'm sure other fans have done it much better, and we were totally caught by the power of this wonderful line-up. There were many, many surprises for the 'insider' of the music of DP such as hearing "Fools" and many other songs. After this 'warm up' we had the celebration of 'Jon's baby', wonderfully performed by The George Enescu Orchestra and the inspired 'lionmaster' conductor Paul Mann. The 85 headed orchestra was in fact the antagonist accompaniment and part of rock music that Jon wanted to have 30 years ago. That's the theme of "The Concerto", and everyone in the audience was fulfilled with this message - it's really hard to keep hard-rock fans for two and a half hours with their ... in their seats!!!

When the last note of this wonderful music disappeared, this absolute 'voltage' of emotions was forced open and the audience didn't want to stop the endless standing ovation for this wonderful experience. Some words about the band? Roger enjoyed every second of the show and the enthusiasm of the audience (100%-man!) and Paicey shocked the musicians with marvellous break-outs of the wrist in a top performance. Ian was superb with his wonderful voice like an instrument, sometimes rough, sometimes tender (we like it so much); Sometimes I really wonder how his vocal cords do these difficult parts with such ease (after 30 years in rock!). Steve and his guitar are enough to write a book about - he doesn't play the guitar, he caresses the music, a holy unity that is able to scream, cry, laugh and to make any other feeling or sound. And of course Jon, he enjoyed every second of the live performance of his baby, everyone finally able to hear the 'finesse' of this "Concerto" (everyone knows the original version from 30 years ago) which is wonderfully put in scene thanks to Paul Mann and the orchestra, and the many people who realised this. A deep thank you Jon, we'll never forget, finally it is right.

We can only give everyone the tip to come to this wonderful evening and enjoy 150 minutes of pure energy of one of the best line-ups Purple ever had (I know what I am saying because I've been a fan of DP since 1975) and you too will never forget!

Thank you for a night of inspiration.

Blanka and Gerrit

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