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I tried a different way to write a review. And I had a good time. But I must say it was difficult and I'm sure much could have been written better, so if you have any corrections, hints, what ever please let me know.

Troll and friends in Gothenburg

Let me tell you about a troll
She is Finnish and loves good rock'n roll
Let me welcome you to a trip
First by car then by ship
From Helsinki to Turku and over to Stockholm we go
To see an excellent show
In Gothenburg that's where it takes place
Oh, you should have seen the grin on her face
As rock and jazz and symphony
Led the troll to ecstasy

A peaceful journey with Ta-pio
Who's a great fan of Dio
In Stockholm changes a lot
But that's no bad thing - certainly not
Thomas has arrived from Germany by plane
And they meet him at the railway station in the rain
He starts to talk before he sits down in the car
"I haven't seen so far"
Thinks the troll
Anyone who could speak so much about rock'n roll
So goes the journey to Gothenburg and all the way
Thomas has something important to say
But troll on the back seat is half at sleep
And thoughts so long and so deep
Coloured purple, yellow and red
Go around in her head

(After a long drive, a walk in town, good food and a nap...)
Troll is so tired that she doesn't know
Where she is, what is this show
And nor do some guys screaming for Highway Star
Oh no, why don't they disappear in the bar
To have a drink, to have a beer
"I really don't mind" (thinks the troll) "if you want to cheer
If you don't do it in wrong places
Didn't you see the gloomy faces
Of Jon Lord and the others
Let me tell you it really bothers
All the musicians
And all the fans"
Those idiots crying for some rock'n roll
Almost ruin the atmosphere of the musicians and the troll
That makes her to remember
The Christmas Night in December
Long long ago
As in the church there was a special show
The great feeling so tender so fine
Was spoilt by loud people with bottles of wine
They were not thrown out she wondered why
As they didn't stop to cry

The same message in the church and in the concert place
Enjoy the music have a smile on your face
It is good not to close the bastards outside
If they finally can find a tender feeling inside
Thanks to the music its power and its light
They might
Understand, they might see
This concert is not only for me
How wonderful feeling it is to share
The joy with others, if only I dare

Anyway, with t-shirts and a tourbook
In their hands they took
Their places in that show
That was in the fifteenth row

Miller Andersen in "Pictured Within"
Was the first song, a wonderful begin

Dio with some powerful songs
From "Love is all" to "Fever Dreams"
Makes the audience wild
O, how it screams!

The Troll thinks: "It is wonderful to see
Dio with Deep Purple but for me
Gillan is the number one
My hero, my favourite and my sun"
(And Ronnie, so Gillan, is his son.)

Paul Mann, rock music and finest symphony
He was conducting almost in ecstasy
So, the battle between the orchestra and the band
Ended to the wonderful land
Of harmony, understanding and tolerance
By the way, did you see his dance?

Steve played with full energy
Who could solve the mystery
Of a smile with full of joy?
I think he must enjoy
When he is lifting with his fingers on the strings
The wonderful music on to wings

A fine solo by Roger Glover
But why so short? Too soon it is over

The king of the night, a wonderful man
Jon Lord playing like only he can
Gentle touch on the piano and the skill
Guarantee the magic and the thrill
The Hammond sound so solid, the piano so great
Lift the audience to the height

Choir and horn section they want to prove
We know the music we know the groove

Ian Paice in a very good mood
Is always always so good
Playing a solo with one hand
Deep Purple is an incredible band
With so much talent, with so much skill
Making music that has a certain thrill

Sure, you can't compare it with the Royal Albert Hall
That was a very special ball.
Anyway, it was incredible good
And finally everybody stood
For standing ovations, for dance and cheering screams
The music surpassed all our dreams

Too soon again the music ends
Thank you Deep Purple and all my friends
It was wonderful to enjoy the music with you
And I hope you feel the same way too

After the concert Thomas, Tapio and Troll
Those three great fans of rock'n roll
Are waiting that the show goes on
Where is Gillan, where is Ron?
A man at the reception gives them a look
And finally a few steps he took
"Are you waiting for somebody" he wants to know
They say "yes" and they don't have to go
Yes, the hotel is just the right
Place, there they catch a sight
Of all the musicians exept Gillan
Joka oli ties missä koko illan
(= Who was who knows where the whole night)

Mr. Glover at the table on his knees
Is begging the dear fans O, please
Come to see the next show, come and see
If not for the others, at least for me

Before the night ends
Troll talks about memories with friends:
Colin and Al had a show of their own in ninety-four
Al was imitating a drunk man walking towards the door
Of an elevator, who fell a sign on his way
And Colin started to pray
Luckily that was no one from the band
So he could free his hands

That was then but now
They hear from Roger Glover how
Important the timing is
He carefully explains them this
Immediately that's how the band stops to play
But with an orchestra there is a delay
So, the band has learned to wait
Before they take a break

It's also nice to hear how important it is to relax
Doesn't matter if you're running or playing sax
Don't push, take it easy, have fun
That's the most enjoyable way to make music or to run
In Montreux last summer they all had a great time
And everything went so fine
They enjoyed the show and so did the audience as well,
They gathered good energy for the tour in South-America and in Hell
And whole Europe, with a schedule so tight
From the end of September (almost) to the Christmas light.

Following afternoon Tapio, Thomas and Troll arrive in Stockholm where they meet 16 other Perfect Strangers of Finland and friends and fans from Sweden and Denmark and ... Thanks to those who arranged the pre show party. The only bad thing is that everybody seems to be nervous before the show so it's a bit difficult to concentrate on talking and learning to know new people. Never mind, troll meets most of them latest the day after when she's having a walk in down town Stockholm.

Hello to all! Thank you for your company, it made the concerts perfect.

Sirpa The Rockin' Troll

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