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A somewhat different Rotterdam Ahoy review

I've read some nice reviews already, giving excellent thoughts about that great concert in Rotterdam. The setlist will be known by now too. My personal highlight of the show? Steve Morse doing the violin part in "Love Is All". Fast like a devil and unbelievable.

I want to tell a little different story. After the show me, my wife and two friends went looking for a place to get inside and meet the guys. We found the door that would lead to the magic kingdom, and gathered with about 10 or 15 guys and gals. The security guard at the door earned himself a raise by keeping us very firmly outside. Even waving with some papers and shouting we re-wrote the Gemini Suite didn't help. (Marco de Goeij must have good looks or something)

So nobody went in, except for one little boy, whose dad arranged for him to get in. Came back with a big, proud smile and an autographs from Steve Morse and Paicy. But the rest of us had to stay outside and waited for 1,5 hour. Remember that it was storming in Rotterdam at that time and we were freezing our asses off. But we made a whole lot of fun out there. Funny how the love for a band can turn total strangers into perfect party people. (We were perfect strangers that night.) A car drove up (blocking the bus exit) and guitarcases, loads of programmes, and "Love Conquers All" shaped picture discs (there's one Ian would love to sign) were pulled out. We tried to explain the band had to be in Germany the next day, but it was all to be signed.

Finally the band came out. Morse was first, surprised by the crowd still waiting. He asked if he could put his stuff in the bus first and promised to come right back to sign stuff and shake hands. Gillan who came right after Morse also started signing stuff and talking to people. Finally the rest came out, except Little Ian who we believe sneaked out in a cello case. (More likely he had his own transport to Germany.)

They all took the time to give everybody an autograph and shake hands or talk. And remember it was still awfully cold and windy outside. I remember Jon or Steve saying: "Aw man, you guys must be freezing out here!" Big Ian took special time for this guy who came out of Iran. He had a visa for one day, and came especially for Purple. This was the greatest day of his life and we all shared it.

Too bad Miller Anderson and Paul Mann snug onto the bus, because I would liked to have had their autographs too.

Dio is truly a killer guy, gentle and friendly.

Anyway, the night ended with the guys getting on the bus, and somebody shouting to Roger: "When is the new album coming out?" "Next Thursday," Roger answered with a big smile on his face. It was a fun ending too a fun evening, and a memorable event for a small group of fans outside a bloody cold Ahoy.

Jon, Roger, Ian, Ian, Steve, Ronnie, Miller, Paul and everybody else, I send a big thank you your way.

It was MARVELLOUS!!!!!!!


Harrie Hendriksen

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