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Concert Antwerpen 29/9/2000


I was at the concert in Antwerpen, Belgium, last Saturday. Because I had my brand new digital camera, I could take some pictures. I've made a selection and would greatly appreciate it if you put (some of) them in the gallery.

Here are my comments about the concert :

Is started precisely at 20h30 and the set and the order of the songs was very different from what one can hear on the CD recorded last year in London. I cannot remember the whole concert exactly but they played "Wring That Neck" with a brass ensemble instead of the guitar. They played "Fools" from "Fireball". Ronnie sang two of his own songs ("Rainbow In The Dark" and another) besides "Love Is All", of course. Steve played along the orchestra in a piece called "Strings", a kind of very fast J.S. Bach instrumental. I'm sure Yngwie Malmsteen would appreciate it!

"The Concerto" started after more than one hour and was a very intense moment of emotion. Unfortunately, some very stupid guys at the back of the hall couldn't resist to shout out and whistle in the third part. Jon Lord didn't make any comment, but one could see on his face what he was thinking about it. What a shame.

The concert ended of course with a fabulous "Smoke On The Water" and the audience was standing and singing along at that moment. In conclusion, it was a very different concert to what I have seen until now. But it was a great experience. Steve was very relaxed and smiling all the time. I guess that Jon was a bit anxious about "The Concerto" because he was always so serious!

The voice of the singers, Ian and Ronnie, was in top condition and Ian Paice gave us a very convincing and nervous drum solo. A very nice evening.

Michel Gilles

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