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Deep Purple in Concert, Sep. 7th, São Paulo - Brazil


Superb!!!! Fantastic!!! It was the best show I've even seen in my whole life!!! Simply perfect... the band, the Jazz Sinfonica Orchestra from São Paulo... everything was matching precisely!

I still don't have words to describe such an experience, but I can say that it has marked my days forever! This 7th of September gig will be unforgetable!

Here is the night's setlist:

1) Orchestral intro (This was very beautiful and strong... It's a classical introduction conducted by Paul Mann) 2) "Concerto for Group and Orchestra - Movement I" 3) "Concerto for Group and Orchestra - Movement II" 4) "Concerto for Group and Orchestra - Movement III"

After these, we had a quick break. Then they played the following songs (almost in the same order as below):

5) "Pictured Within" 6) "Sitting In A Dream" 7) "Love Is All" 8) "Fever Dreams" (played by Deep Purple and Dio, but without Gillan) 9) "Rainbow In The Dark" (with Purple and Dio also) 10) "Wring That Neck" 11) "That's Why God Is Singing The Blues" 12) "Via Miami" 13) "Ted The Mechanic" 14) "Watching The Sky" 15) "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" 16) "Pictures Of Home" 17) "Smoke On The Water"

Thanks for your attention!!! And Long Live Deep Purple!!!!

By the way: Dear Purple: Don't ever forget that you are not only formed with rock players, but by great musicians! Mainly you, Jon Lord! Congratulations for such a beautiful job during these years as a composer and player... I'd like to congratulate Ronnie James Dio too, our metal grandpa, who still has an amazing voice power!!! You all are the best!

Mauricio De Angelo Andrade

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