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Deep Purple Live in Hell

Deep Purple Live in Hell: October 4, 2000 at 8pm Attendance: 5400 (sold out concert)

Setlist (by recall of my memory only......):

"Pictured Within" / Miller Anderson, Jon Lord, orchestra
"Sitting In A Dream" / Ronnie James Dio
"Love Is All" / Ronnie James Dio
"Fever Dreams" / Ronnie James Dio
"Rainbow In The Dark" / Ronnie James Dio
"Fools" / Deep Purple
"Ted The Mechanic" / Deep Purple
"When A Blind Man Cries" / Deep Purple
"Guitar String" / Steve Morse, Deep Purple - new!
"Wring That Neck" / Ian Paice, Jon Lord, Roger Glover, brass section - wow!
"Pictures Of Home" / Deep Purple with intro by the orchestra
"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" / Deep Purple
"Concerto Part 1"
"Concerto Part 2"
"Concerto Part 3", including an amazing Ian Paice solo!
"Perfect Strangers" / Deep Purple
"Fanitullen" / Annbjørg Lien and Deep Purple
"Smoke On The Water" / Deep Purple and everybody!

The concert clocked in at approximately 2 hrs and 35 minutes.

I noted that Steve Morse and Roger Glover had changed positions on the stage: Steve Morse on the left, as seen from the audience. Good vocals from Ian, especially for "The Concerto" and "Perfect Strangers". Many happy faces around after the show, both young and not so young! Bernie Marsden was spotted in the audience. Overall a good show, the band seemed to be in fine form and enjoying themselves a lot on stage. The concert was arranged perfectly - no misses whatsoever! Sound quality very good. The audience really came to their feet at the end for "Perfect Strangers" and "Smoke On The Water".

Norwegian broadcasting (NRK P1) had a short section in one of their music news programs on radio today (5 Oct), with some clips from the press conference prior to the concert, and a few bits from the concert itself. Myself, I thought this was an amazing experience surely not to be missed, and being very familiar with the Purple catalogue there were several highlights to be mentioned: "Fools", the new "Guitar String" piece by Steve Morse, "Pictures Of Home" with Jon Lord and Roger Glover solid, Ian Paice - especially on "Wring That Neck" and through "The Concerto Part 3", the performance by all in "The Concerto" itself, and then both "Perfect Strangers" and "Smoke on The Water". In addition, Ronnie James Dio still has a voice comparable only to a few others. A memorable evening it was!

Hans Peter Jenssen

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