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Deep Purple - São Paulo; Septemer, 8th, 2000; Via Funchal

I'm writing this review during the day after the concert and Deep Purple still echo in my head.

The concert started with the "Concerto" since they had some problems in Argentina when they played it after Dio's songs (what a bad idea!).

After the "Concerto" Jon Lord's "Pictured Within", Dio's participation ("Sitting In A Dream", "Love Is All", "Fever Dreams" and "Rainbow In The Dark"), Ian Paice's "Wring That Neck" and then Deep Purple classics: "Fools", "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming", "Ted The Mechanic", "Watching The Sky", "Pictures Of Home" and, of course, after a mix of riffs (Black Sabbath's "Iron Man", Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" and Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze") "Smoke On The Water" (I can't remember if this is the right order).

I don't have to say how the crowd enjoyed and went crazy during the concert. What I have to say happened after the concert: When DP left the stage, after "Smoke On The Water", the crowd started singing the riff to "Black Night" for almost five minutes and the band had to get back onstage and play the song, the last one.

By the way, Ian Gillan's last words: "You're fantastic!". You too, Ian.

See you next year!

Henrique Cunha Mateus

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