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Stockholm Globe Arena Review - October 7th


Thought I'd pass on my reflections on the show in Stockholm:

Deep Purple with guests and The Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Paul Mann Stockholm Globe Arena - Sweden October 7th 2000

Songs played (in no particular order):

"Concerto For Group and Orchestra" "Movement I" "Movement II" "Movement III"

"Wring That Neck" "Ted The Mechanic" "Pictured Within" (featuring Miller Anderson) "Pictures Of Home" "Fools" "Rainbow In The Dark" (featuring Ronnie James Dio) "Sitting In A Dream" (featuring Ronnie James Dio) "Love Is All" (featuring Ronnie James Dio) "Fever Dreams" (featuring Ronnie James Dio) "The Ill-Tempered Guitar" (featuring Steve Morse) "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" "When A Blind Man Cries" "Perfect Strangers" "Smoke On The Water"

The Show:

The show started off with a short introducion of what the night and the band had to offer. Then they smoothly and gently played "Pictured Within" with Miller Anderson at the microphone doing a great job. What a voice!!

The show took a slight turn to the uptempo side with a great performance from Ronnie James Dio at the microphone. We had the pleasure of hearing songs from 'both sides of the realm with Dio's "Rainbow In The Dark" as the highlight.

Dio went off stage for a break as Ian Gillan took over and the band and the orchestra hit it off with some great Deep Purple tunes such as "Ted The Mechanic", "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" and "When A Blind Man Cries". Great singing as usual by Ian Gillan!!! Can't imagine that this man is over 50!!

The "main event", as Mr Gillan put it several times, was of course Jon Lord's masterpiece in three movements, "Concerto For Group And Orchestra". The Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Paul Mann was fabulous and well prepared. Not to forget that the rest of the 'gang' with Lord, Paice, Glover, Morse and Gillan added the perfection to the show. An extra credit to The Belgian Brass Quartet, as Gillan put it....!

After the 3 movements were performed, the band played some more off the Purple hitparade such as "Perfect Strangers" (which for me was a complete surprise) and "Smoke On The Water" as the finale of the magic evening.

Milestone Material from the evening:

Ian Gillan's happy smiles. Steve Morse's "The Ill-Tempered Guitar" (which Gillan had problems naming). Ian Gillan's introduction of Ronnie James Dio ("This is......my son!!"). The great but unexpected (for me) performance of "Perfect Strangers". The great attitude and the happy smiles from all the performers on stage. The great seats we sat in.

Sad remarks from the evening:

The few drunken nuts who seemed to be unaware of the show when screaming during the quiet parts of "The Concerto" movements. The person who got hurt or something and had to be taken out on a stretcher.... My behind after the show (comfier chairs next time preferably).

End notes:

For all you who haven't seen the band and the orchestra on this tour yet.....SEE IT!!! I enjoyed every second of it and can't wait till I see them again.....Soon I hope...!!!

Thanks to Deep Purple and the rest of the performers for a great evening!!!!!!!!!

Nanne Andersson

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