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First Tour Show - Review

I would like to send you my review of DP's first tour show in concert w/orchestra & guests. Fortunately I was there, I came back a few hours ago.

This was a great experience. Although I have both VHS & CD of Deep Purple In Concert with LSO it's much better to enjoy it there, close by. If anyone has the chance, don't miss the opportunity of seeing a very rich set which also includes DP performing two songs of Dio, one from "Magica" and the great "Rainbow In The Dark". That's really a dream.

It's a wonderful experience to hear your favourite band playing with your local orchestra, it will happen in Brazil, then in Mexico. The musicians of the Sinfónica De Buenos Aires seemed very pleased, and they enjoyed DP's music. This makes me feel proud of DP, and guarantees a great performance. The arrangements are beatiful.

Unfortunately there is something bad to say which makes me feel mad and ashamed at the same time. We were about 8000 fans very interested in the entire concert idea/concept, but a few stupids (or ignorants??) - perhaps no more than 10 or 20 - didn't remain quiet in the quieter parts of the music. This could be noticed easily, the rest of the crowd was in complete silence. I hope you understand what I mean. [We do, Juan. Some of these people's 'friends' were at the RAH in 1999. Ed.]

Thanks to the whole band/guests/orchestra who are real professionals the show continued, suffering from time to time the yelling of some stupids in the middle of a quiet part. It seems that these 'guys' (how should we name them??) weren't patient. They couldn't understand and enjoy "Pictured Within" or the three movements of "Concerto For Group And Orchestra". They stayed quiet in the loud parts, but in the low parts you could hear some of them yelling. A real shame. Of course they were only a minimum percent, but it's still a shame, I almost left the concert but finally I supported it until the 'loud' set started. "Ted The Mechanic", etc actually silenced the ten or 20 beasts.

I'm sorry for my words, I still feel ashamed due to others. All my apologizes to all the musicians. This comes from deep inside - from my heart!!!!

Soundwise there was some problems with Miller Anderson's microphone in the beginning, and I think that perhaps the orchestra needed some more sheer volume in the intro. Also in "Wring That Neck" the violin soloing needed a bit more of volume. Actually this is nothing. It must be very difficult to coordinate the band and more than 80 musicians onstage, for sure today Sep 2 (2nd gig) such small matters will be solved.

Info and set list:
Deep Purple
Guests: Ronnie James Dio / Miller Anderson
Conducted by Paul Mann (Director)
Sinfonica de Buenos Aires as follows: > Violins 1: 14 > Violins 2: 12 > Violas: 10 > Violoncellos: 8 > Harp: 1 > Flutes: 3 > Oboes: 3 > Clarinets: 2 > Trumpets/Trombones/etc: 16 > Percussion: 4 > Brass section: 5 > Chorus: 5
Sep 1 2000 - Estadio ( Stadium) Buenos Aires Argentina
Started: Sep 1 2000 at 22:00 hrs lt (right on time)
Finished: Sep 2 2000 at 00:30 hrs lt (approx)

Part 1:
Intro Sinfonica de Buenos Aires
"Pictured Within" (Miller Anderson)
"Sitting In A Dream" (Dio)
"Love Is All" (Dio)
"Magica" (Dio) - sorry I don't know the name of the song
"Rainbow In The Dark" (Dio)
"Via Miami" (Gillan)
"That's Why God Is Singing The Blues" (Gillan)
"Wring That Neck" (Paice)

Part 2:
"Concerto For Group And Orchestra", Movements I II III
"Ted The Mechanic"
"Watching The Sky"
"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming"
"Pictures Of Home"

"Smoke On The Water" (again Dio on stage!! Like on DP's In Concert w/LSO.)

The funny part was Ian Gillan - as usual! He was walking from one side of the stage to the other and he actually passed underneath Jon's Lord piano on his knees!! Also before the encore "Smoke On The Water" he introduced Ronnie, so he prepared both microphones, but the one for Ronnie at one meter (1 m) of height only!! This Gillan what a guy!!! Of course Ronnie was laughing!!!

My highest respects to the band, guests and orchestra who were really great, very professional and friendly. Polite all the time in spite of the unexpected noises of some ignorants.

Once again sorry, and thanks for your kindness.

Juan Manuel,
Rosario, Argentina

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