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Magic night in Milan

Hi everybody! I'm one of those "ten thousand warriors" who came to the Forum on Monday evening. We all are very lucky because we heard an amazing concert, I think better than the one on the CD.

I'm proud of Italian fans, silent when the orchestra played alone, and ready to pay tribute with a long ovation at the end of every number. All the musicians were happy and very cool, and they gave us a long, unique and unforgettable moment of great music.

I'm 38 and I've seen 10 Deep Purple concerts in 15 years: I'm sure they have reached the top of their story with this brave tour. All the songs look much better with new arrangements, so it's difficult to mention anything, but the "First Movement" and "Perfect Strangers" are extremely worthy.

A huge thanks to Ronnie James Dio for his superb interpretation of Roger's song "Sitting In A Dream". Thank you all.

Claudio Vezzoli

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