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Deep Purple - The concert in Vigo. July 24th

Hi everybody there

It's strange how a 'wanted-to-forget' morning can turn into an unforgetable night.

This was one of the only two concerts of Deep Purple all around the world this month (together with the one at Montreux, the smoking town...), and the morning couldn't be more unpleasant, since it was raining all the time, and the gig was at a place in open air... A friend of mine (the well known Couto in the chat) was desperated with the idea of canceling the concert (his first Deep Purple one) because of the weather.

But we arrived there and the roadies were doing their job, so the concert would take place. What's more, there was not even the memory of a cloud during the concert. There were two another bands to play, Mago de Oz (The Wizard of Oz...) and Manolo Tena. I still don't understand who thought of this one for this concert. His music has nothing to do with DP (kind of 80s-90s pop). DP should have played last, but according to a local newspaper, their impatience made them to be the second ones.

The gig was opened by Mago de Oz. I have to admit I had almost heard nothing of them, but now I can tell you this band is perfectly suitable to any DP fan. They play in DP's rock / hard rock style, even with a vocalist that has nothing to envy Gillan. And they have a little Celtic touch with the violin and flute.

And a little after their just half and hour concert... a "Woman From Tokyo" appeared in front of the 20.000 people who were challenging the weather. It was almost two hours of the DP of all times, singing from "Into The Fire" to "Highway Star", and so many others. Gillan was superb, though: "I haven't my head on tonight". I don't know what can he do if he has it on...

Paice... really incredible at his solo, playing with one hand, and his head on the other.

Lord and Morse were more than exciting, and more when this one had something wrong with his left arm.

And Glover... Why didn't you make so many solos two years ago in your other concert here? I didn't know so much could be had out of a bass.

Two more things. When Gillan was talking about what he thought when he saw the weather before that day, Lord started to play "Always look at the bright side of life..." from "Life Of Brian". Everybody started to laugh at that point, even Gillan. And the second one, Morse started the riff of "Whole Lotta Love" to immediately change into the "Voodoo Chile"... and get into "Smoke On The Water". The best combination I've ever heard.

My second DP gig... My second perfect DP gig.

Emilio José Pérez García

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