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Concert in Belgium 30 September '00


Got to the concert last night in Sport Paleis, Antwerp. It was a superb evening. Only a few false notes in the brass section of the orchestra, and very poor quality of the orchestra amplification. The band itself was great all around: the star of the night for me was Steve Morse. He looks like he's playing his guitar as if he were reading a newspaper: without any effort. Anything he wants to do comes out of the strings like it was nothing. Also enjoyed the performance of the other band members (a really-like-a-rock-playing bass guitarist Roger Glover, Ian Paice as if he was still 20, and the old and only Jon Lord, God, what a presence!). I brought my wife, my daughter plus a friend, and my son with me, and it really was a discovery for them. They knew Deep Purple only from 'their old' who keeps on listening to them, but now they have experienced why I always have kept on. Next time the band performs in the Benelux, I will be there again. If Jon Lord at that time should need a piano-tuner, I'm his man (my profession for over 20 years).

Greetings to the band and the orchestra from a college-musician and, above all, fan since the 70's and the first "Concerto" performance.

PS: When will Jon Lord's "Windows" be out on DVD, or on stage again? [We have no idea. Ask Purple Records. Ed.]

Goswin de Smet

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