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Montreux 2000 - DEEP PURPLE, generation next!

I would like to start my report with the following words: Dear Ian, Jon, Steve, Paice and Roger! I bow in front of you and say thank-you for the concert event in Montreux!

It was a quite special experience. At this historical place you have proved once again - Rock'n'roll isn't dead!

Here is a report for all DP fans on one of the most beautiful concerts, I have experienced till now. Not only for the reason, that a DP follow-up talent was surprised us. Unfortunately, I haven't understood exactly who the young man was. The applause for him was too loud! Can anybody inform me about the name of this superboy? The little guitar-virtuoso was fantastic with "Smoke On The Water" and "Highway Star"! There grows up the next DP generation and has the best teachers this one gives it.

This concert event in Montreux was a highlight. One felt the harmony in the band and a refreshing naturalness. Ian Gillan proved primarily in "Watching The Sky" and "Woman From Tokyo" his high quality for his vocal cords! In addition, it was a pleasure and a surprise to hear "Fools" and "Into The Fire" live. I think this "Fools" version also will be on the new album! In addition, got ourselves introduced to a new title. If I have understood it correctly, the title of the song is "Long Time Ago". Is this right? I have liked very much! This song lets me suspect how good the new album gets.

"Smoke On The Water" was a pleasure at this historical place of course! How already mention with a 'fresh wind'! The hall positively 'shook'!

Ian Gillan made a lot of fun in a nice way which remunerated the fans with laughter and approval. I liked the joke with the numero "'69" particularly! The atmosphere was easy and happy. Jon Lord showed in one of his famous solos once again what a magician he is at the keyboard. This solo was simultaneously an intro for "Perfect Strangers." Steve had a lot of fun at a musical duel with Jon. Despite hand bandage he was in best form and kind like always.

Roger and Paice the quiescent 'poles'. Super was Ian's drum solo! After two hot hours and the extras "Lazy" and "Highway Star" the concert was over (unfortunately).

Please believe me, I have never liked a beer so well like after this excellent concert!? We have driven 2020 km (Berlin-Montreux, Montreux-Berlin) and didn't regret it! This thanks to DEEP PURPLE! We will never forget this concert!

1.) "Woman From Tokyo"
2.) "Ted The Mechanic"
3.) "Into The Fire"
4.) "Pictures Of Home"
5.) "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming"
6.) "Long Time Gone"
7.) "Smoke On The Water"
8.) "Fools"
9.) "Watching The Sky"
10.) "'69"
11.) Riff from "Space Truckin'"
Intro to "Perfect Strangers"
Jon Lord's solo 12.) "Perfect Strangers"
13.) "When A Blind Man Cries"
14.) "Speed King"
+ Jon Lord / Steve Morse duel 15.) "Highschool Hop"

16.) "Lazy"
17.) "Highway Star"

Tina & Michael from Berlin

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