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Antwerp review by OOR music magazine.

Being ahead of your time. That's what counts in the music business according to some people. Thirty years ago, Deep Purple was way ahead of its time with "Concerto For Group And Orchestra". These days, collaborations between bands and orchestras are more common. So maybe the public will be more open to this, up until now crucified, kind of thing, must Jon Lord have thought. Guess not. Although "The 'put to paper by a Dutchman' Concerto" has a lot of dynamic, it has too little inspiring melody lines.

A lost evening, some would say? No way!! Purple has hired guest vocalist Ronnie James Dio who lets the world know he's still one of the best singers around. This way, 25 years after, we get to hear a live version of "Love Is All", the song Dio sung into the charts for Roger Glover. Ian Gillan is also singing great. Not with (missing) classics like "Child In Time", "Speed King", "Woman From Tokyo", "Fireball" or "Black Night", but with super great performances of, amongst others, "Perfect Strangers", "When A Blind Man Cries" and "Pictures Of Home".

And as far as the Lord composition goes: well, just try again in another twenty years or so.

- by Hans van den Heuvel of OOR music magazine, Holland.

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Harrie Hendriksen

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