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I really enjoyed the concert at Globen, Stockholm.

This mixture of classical music and rock written by Jon Lord is absolutely fantastic. The variations from the very fine tuned melodies to the heavy beat makes the music varied. Other groups have tried to do the same type of mixture with various results but nobody has achived anything this good.

It seems to me that Jon Lord really has a great knowledge of music, trying to do away with labels. I'm a great admirer of him. The music itself has no borders.

Deep Purple is one of my favourite groups since I bought my first record more then 30 years ago (the live album with RPO from 1969). Right now I'm sitting hear listening to the double album with DP and LSO trying to recreate what I heard at Globen. It's the variations that make it possible for you to listen to it again and again.

Good luck to all of you in the band and my very best regards. Amateur musician trying to do his best when playing violin,

Matts Hutter

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