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Tour review - September 7 - São Paulo

Day: September 7, 2000
City: São Paulo
Venue: Via Funchal
Guests: Miller Anderson and Ronnie James Dio

Deep Purple played São Paulo on September 7, 8 and 9 in a venue called Via Funchal, for an audience of 3.000 people seated. The "Concerto" and the whole night was a wonderful experience and it was a real privilege to be there. Anyone can tell that the band is having a really good time even while performing a long and difficult classical piece of music as the "Concerto".

The night opened with the orchestra performing a classical piece unknown to me. Then the band came in and played the three movements of the "Concerto". Jon Lord seemed to be a bit worried at first with the orchestra performance but it started on the right foot and soon he was relaxed and enjoying himself. During the "Second Movement" Big Ian didn't get the lyrics right but he sang right, what is more important. Steve Morse played some of Blackmore's classic runs during the "Third Movement", really great. At the end of the first half, there were lots of people with tearful eyes of joy. Only two problems: Brazilian audience just don't know when to applaud; and the shouting and screaming from some headbanger mongos from the audience in quiet passages. I think the band has developed a sort of tolerance towards that, but I haven't.

After intermission Jon Lord introduced and played "Pictured Within", from his solo work. Miller Anderson sang it. Very touching song, really beautifull. Ronnie James Dio was introduced and came in with a roar from the crowd. He sang Glover's "Sitting In A Dream" and "Love Is All". Then Dio sang two of his songs, one of them was "Rainbow In The Dark". Ian Gillan came next and sang "That's Why God Is Singing The Blues" and "Via Miami". He got all the words right this time. His voice was very very good.

Then Ian Paice played "Wring That Neck" with a horn section and no guitar. Paice did an incredible drum solo. The whole band came back and played with the orchestra songs as: "Ted The Mechanic", "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" and the new "Watching The Sky" and the always great "Pictures Of Home". The encore was "Smoke On The Water", with Ian and all the guests singing together.

I was unable to attend the other nights. They told me that on the September 8 Ian didn't sing his solo songs but did a wonderful version of "Fools" instead.

Well, it was very cool to watch the band and the whole orchestra grooving together and really enjoying themselves. It was an unforgetable night for anyone who was there and if you ever have the chance, go, don't miss it. But please be quiet during the quiet classical pieces. You may go wild on the second half of the gig if you will.

Congratulations to Jon Lord and the band and thank you very much.

Rodrigo R. Fernandes,
São Paulo

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