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Deep Purple Concert In Dortmund October, 29. 2000

Hi folks!

Just a few moments ago I came back from Dortmund where Deep Purple and the Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra did a great show. The concert started a 8 pm. Jon Lord entered the stage and welcomed the audience in the Westfalenhalle in his typically polite manner. He started with the title track of his latest solo album; "Pictured Within", which was sung by Miller Anderson. During his performance some idiots in the crowd started screaming and Anderson asked them not to destroy this wonderful song.

After that Ronnie James Dio came on stage to perform "Sitting In A Dream", "Love Is All" (both from Glover's "Butterfly Ball"), "Fever Dreams" (from Dio's "Magica"), "Rainbow In The Dark" (from Dio's "Holy Diver"). It was very interesting to listen to Jon Lord playing the keyboard part of "Rainbow In The Dark". In all, you have to say that Ronnie Dio did a great job (standing ovations!).

After that Jon Lord and Ian Paice and Roger Glover worked together with the orchestra celebrating a swing version of "Wring That Neck".

Then Ian Gillan entered the stage looking to the orchestra. There was no response by the audience because they only saw his back and did not recognize him. As he turned around (pretending to be surprised that so many people were there), everybody realized that he was Ian Gillan. The result: Standing ovations!

The next songs were (I am not sure about the order): "Fools", "When A Blind Man Cries", "Ted The Mechanic", "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming", "The Well-dressed Guitar" (Steve Morse solo) and "Pictures Of Home".

After this Jon Lord's "Concerto For Group And Orchestra" started. During the "Second Movement" the slapnuts in the audience screamed again and called for Ritchie. If Ritchie had been there, he would have smashed his guitar over their heads! It really beats me that guys who do not like Steve Morse or Jon's "Concerto", come to such a concert and disturb the audience and the band. It is so frustrating! But you have to say that the biggest part of the crowd was very disciplined and enjoined the show.

After the "Concerto" Deep Purple played "Perfect Strangers" (many people got up from their seats and ran to the front of the stage, where they danced and sang along) and "Smoke On The Water" (together with Dio).

The encores: "Black Night" and "Highway Star". The concert ended at 11 pm. Wow, they nearly played for three hours!!! Folks, I have to tell you: This concert was the greatest thing I have ever seen. To quote the last verse of "Smoke On The Water": "I know we'll never forget."

Long live Deep Purple!!!

Marcel Sturm

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