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Review of Oct.25.2000, Paris Palais des Congres

Dear friends,

So, I saw the show tonight with Deep Purple, Paul Mann and the Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra's concert. The venue Palais des Congres is usually used for concert by the French Chanson like Aznavor and not for rock bands. I think we are not used to listen to classical music on PA systems. But to play with DP it must be. Maybe the location of my seat was not suitable - at least the sound could have been better.

Well, the concert started with "Pictures Within" with M.Anderson just like as a Prelude. The show was based on "In Concert with London Symphony Orchestra" but tonight in Paris we had only two main guests; Miller Anderson and Ronnie James Dio.

The songs they played tonight:
1. "Pictured Within" ( with M. Anderson)
2. "Sitting In A Dream" ( with RJD)
3. "Love Is All" (with RJD): this number is very popular in France, I don't know why.
4. "Fever Dream" (with RJD)
5. "Rainbow In The Dark" (with RJD)
6. "Wring That Neck" played by JL.IP.RG.and horns (Back Street Boys)
7. "Fools" (here, IG appeared for the first time tonight.)
8. "When A Blind Man Cries"
9. "Ted The Mechanic"
10. Steve with the orchestra (sorry, no title)
11. "Pictures Of Home"
12. "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" (after which IG left)
13. "Concerto For Group And Orchestra; Movement 1"
14. "Movement 2" ( IG in and out. )
15. "Movement 3" ( include SM and IP's solo.)
16. "Perfect Strangers" (IG back onstage.)
17. "Smoke On The Water" (all performers)
Two encores were played (by DP only).
18. "Black Night"
19. "Highway Star" ----end.

Visually, I was very impressed by the lights on the score stands. When the lighting was down, it was shimmering like stars because there was a glass barrier between DP and the orchestra. No. 8, 11, 12 were perfect; Co-ordinations, arrangement, and performance. But I enjoyed the encores more, because we were standing.

I re-appreciated Jon Lord as a composer tonight, although it all started more than 30 years ago. It is incredible, and we appreciate it again now. How strange it is, the life of Deep Purple. Thanks, see you next time.

Takashi Yokoyama

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