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Review of Frankfurt 15/10/00

When I heard about the Albert Hall concerts last year I had my doubts to be honest... It's a 30 year old idea and meanwhile we've had a couple of classic-rock-jams with different bands. But the CD was great, so I was looking forward to the Frankfurt show. The concert was simply fantastic - what a great mixture of Purple and the orchestra. The highlights for me were "Pictures Of Home" and my all time favourite "Perfect Strangers". Also, Ronnie James Dio was in fine shape. As I didn't like his last solo records, besides the last one, and I missed him this year, I was really impressed with him.Gotta see him next time! Too bad that my old mate Miller Anderson didn't get more space to show his talents. He is so much underrated! The band was very very good, though I don't think it was Ian Gillan's best night (and he looked better with long hair ;-)). Thank you folks!

One question remains: I've seen every tour since 1985, in every line up - when will I hear "Into The Fire" live.....?

Ralf "Ray" Ulmer

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