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Deep Purple in Argentina! Concerto Tour!

Hi my name is Juan (perro) Obes! I'm from Uruguay and here´s my review from the show in Argentina on September 1st.

The place is called the Stadium, capacity of approx, 8100 seats! Two nights totally sold out a week before!

I went to the first show on Friday!

8:00 Me and some friends arrived at the Luna, long queues waiting (we had the cheapest tickets US$ 22) so we had to go early in order to get good seats!

9:00 Approx. gates open, I bought a Concerto Tour t-shrit, very cool! US$ 15, got good seats after all, and not as far away as I thought!! Nice view! The arena started to be filled up very fast!

9:30 People started singing Oooohh ooohoh hohoho ("Black Night") and began to applause! The venue is packed!

10:00 Start time! The guys from the Sinfonica of Buenos Aires began to take their places and the lights went down! Screaming began, applause, whistling, and more screaming!!

10:02 Paul Mann appears, applause! Music starts! Hell yeahhhhh! Some classic stuff I didn't recognise, very cool, very good sound!

10:05 Major Screaming and applause, Jon Lord came in! Sits down behind piano, choir female singers came in and so came the singer of the "Pictured Within" (Jon Lord's solo album) - great vocalist, can't recall his name (he also did rhythm guitar on some songs). Jon Lord speaks to the crowd, He says that some of the things we are going to hear are quiet and some loud, and we will enjoy it better if we remain silent!!

Set list: (or what I remember right now) I guess you know the songs so I'll try to write little bits about them! If not, go buy the CD!!!!!!

"Pictured Within" (some sounds problem, people started screaming and sound problem were fixed), song end, Glover, Paice and Morse came in.

"Sitting In A Dream" (Ronnie Dio came in!!!! Major applause, "DIO, DIO DIO!!!" People were crazy! Ronnie shook a lot of hands!)

"Love Is All" (Ronnie saying he loves to be there joining DP and that he loves everyone and he's so proud to join his long time friends of DP!)

"Fever Dreams" A real highlight! Ronnie said he would play some of his solo songs, and says thanks to DP once again, jokes with Morse (they seemed to get along real well!!). So heavy!!!!!! Lord, Paice, Morse and Glover delivered fantastic work! The song sounded so fucking heavy and the solo by Steve Morse was a killer!! Bass by Glover was like never seen before! Sounded so cool!

"Rainbow In The Dark" And the place was falling to pieces!! Everybody shaking heads! (At least all the young, cause there were a lot of 30 or 40 year old guys!) Dio salutes and go offstage!

"Via Miami" Gillan/Glover, Gillan came in, major applause!!! "GILLAN, GILLAN, GILLAN!!!" Happy tune! Some of the young guys of the crowd began to question if they were in the right place!!

"That's Why God Is Singing The Blues" Gillan says the purpose of the tour is to do something different! Some people never understood that!

"Wring That Neck" Gillan went offstage, a very jazzy version, Ian Paice delivered the goods!!!!! Very cool horn section!

Five minute break! People started screaming again! "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" started!

"First Movement" Awesome, all of DP on stage, not Gillan.

"Second Movement" Gillan came in! Screaming again and applause! Morse soloing was awesome!! I love it! Now, when the orchetra played, the idiots who thought they were going to see a metal show started showing, and it bothered us (the majority of the crowd) and the musicians! When DP played they were quiet!

"Third Movement" Brilliant! Idiots continued! At one point it was really annoying! Mr Mann asked for silence! Anyway, major applause when it ended, it was all we expected and more!!!

"Ted The Mechanic" Now the place was storming!!! Brilliant!!

"Watching The Sky" No words!

"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" Awesome, violins and all!!

"Pictures Of Home" My all time fave DP song!!! Killer solo by Paice!

They went out! Crowd Crazy!

"Smoke On The Water" Everybody on stage!!!!!!! Dio and Gillan: They rule! Jokes from Dio about his height! Couldn't reach for Gillan's microphone!! Everybody laugh!

12:30 We came out with a huge grin on our faces!! Everyone singing some DP tune! Some idiots saying "Oh, the orchestra played longer than DP!" I can't make all the people happy!!

Awesome! Don't loose the chance to see them!! Once in a lifetime experience!! And seeing DP playing Dio stuff is killer!

Didn't meet the guys! But missed to meet Dio for a minute! Hell! Anyway it was something I will never forget!

Both Dio and Gillan were interviewed on the Radio!


Surf Now - Apocalypse Later


Juan Obes

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