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Deep Purple, George Enescu Orchestra with Ronnie James Dio and Miller Anderson at Scandinavium, Gothenburg, 6/10/2000

First of all, I'd like to beg Deep Purple and the orchestra to forgive us Swedes for being so rude at their shows. In Gothenburg, parts of the Concerto were (almost) ruined by shouting, screaming and whistling from some people (very few) in the audience. The day after, my parents told me it was the same in Stockholm. Myself, I was certainly NOT one of the shouters, I don't know them and I don't WANNA know them. Still, I feel so ashamed and embarrased. Kind of a collective guilt. I hope the many musicians appreciated the loyalty of 99 per cent of the audience enough to put a deaf ear to that last asshole percent. Hope they got beaten up afterwards.

Over to the show. What a fantastic evening. I hadn't been looking forward to a Deep Purple concert so much since "Perfect Strangers", and I was NOT disappointed. Actually, I think it was the best Deep Purple concert I've ever attended. All the Deep Purple musicians played loud and heavy, and with the orchestra...the most powerful sound I've ever heard. I won't delve into the setlist (same as other recent shows), but instead give you my highlights:

Ronnie James Dio. Perhaps the strongest singer in rock history. Saw him last summer, but it was really pleasant to hear him sing in this relaxed atmosphere instead. Those "Butterfly Ball" songs deserve 10 stars out of 10, and they make me urge for a non-metal album by Ronnie. Also, hearing the two great Dio songs ("Fever Dreams" and "Rainbow In The Dark") backed by Deep Purple was real fun. And excellent.

"Fools." The main reason why I need a bootleg of this tour as soon as possible. The new arrangement and the orchestra made this song BETTER than the original. [The orchestra didn't play on this song! Ed.]

"Pictures Of Home." Ian Gillan sings better than in many years, and here he proves it.

"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming." A DP classic already. Probably among Deep Purple's 15 finest songs of all time.

"The Concerto." Probably the only time in my life I'll get to hear it. Luckily the screaming bastards at the back didn't have a chance to ruin the marvellous experience! It's good that this pretty looked-over masterpiece has been put back to the front, where it deserves to be. Here, Steve Morse once again shows what a tasteful virtuoso he is. And the Ian Paice drum solo...wow! One hand snare drum...

"Perfect Strangers." Made to be played by a symphony orchestra. Reason number two why I need a bootleg. Or is there a chance it will be released on an official album?

Well, it seems like the entire concert was one long highlight. The things I haven't mentioned were brilliant too. The Steve Morse guitar clinic earlier was nice too. Interesting to hear him answer questions and nice to get CD booklets signed. Lovely jam between Steve and Miller Anderson! Before the show, I met Svante again, although I didn't recognise him without long hair and glasses! [Yeah!!!!! Doesn't he look great?!?!?! Ed. - in love! ;^)] And after the show, we went on to Daily's. Walking in, we were treated with "You Keep On Moving", and for hours only Purple music was played!

Thanks! And thanks again!

Daniel Reichberg

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