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Deep Purple in Hamburg/Germany

Hi all DP-Fans !

Great to find you webpage. It is my great wish to express my feelings after what Ive seen and heard on the 1st of October 2000 in Hamburg!

After more than 24 years Ive had the chance to see Deep Purple again. The last time was Eastern of 1974 when I was 11 years old and my brother took me to the Ernst-Merk-Halle in Hamburg to join the so-called 'Eastern Meeting'. The headliners were my favourite band already at that time; Deep Purple with Elf (lead singer Ronnie James Dio) supporting them.

Now, 24 years later my schedule allowed me to go to Deep Purple again, performing their "Concerto" and a lot more... Believe me - Ive never seen a concert offering such a variety of musical styles (including Mr. Dio again) - Ive never seen a band so close or even already in a status of being god-like. Ive never seen musicians being cool, experienced and vital at the same time. It was a dream!!!!

I dont know whether these words will reach the band - but Id like to express my thanks to them!!!

Best regards and keep on rocking!

Stefan Drews

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