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Deep Purple in Argentina - 09/01/2000

Forgive us Deep Purple...

All my life I've dreamed of being at the Royal Albert Hall in September 1969 to listen to the "Concerto For Group And Orchestra". And suddenly that dream became a reality: Deep Purple here in Buenos Aires playing that gig with the Buenos Aires Orchestra.

But then, yesterday September 1st, there were those several stupid guys that only know the discography from 1972 till today, and they don't know anything about the terrific work written by Jon Lord. My dream was torn apart.

Those idiots started to scream and whistle like animals (they wanted to hear something heavier) during the moments while the orchestra was playing the quieter parts of the 2nd movement. The director, Paul Mann, stopped his performance, made a pause, and started again skipping those quieter parts.

After that, the show went on with "Pictures Of Home", "Smoke On The Water" and finally we had an unforgettable party! But for me, it was too late. My dream had been destroyed.

Forgive us, Deep Purple. Forgive us, Jon Lord. Forgive us, Paul Mann. Forgive us, Buenos Aires Orchestra. It seems that in Argentina a lot of animals are still out of their cages.

Sergio Zotto

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