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Madrid 20/10/2000

The Deep Purple and orchestra show in Madrid, 20/10/2000 was unique. Superb. Incredible. Amazing. What can I say? I have never seen a show like this, and probably I will never see something like that show.

Very nice the intro with "Soul Man". Paul Mann and the orchestra was very expressive and like it was really part of the band, integrated, like the 'second keyboard' or the 'second guitar'. Great job.

The set list was very good, with the guest stars singing like in their own bands. The Steve's song called "Idontknow" :-) was a very nice, funny surprise. I had the great chance of meet Steve that morning at a clinic, and I asked him about this song and played some notes. Thanks again Steve for your music, for your patience with all of us .... and your pick ;-) .

The sounding was pretty well, better than the average in this place. When the band played "Fools" it was sounding like a show in the seventies, great, fresh. I could talk about the show song-by-song, from Jon to Roger, but this mail would be a never-end one. Really fantastic.

The only little let-down was DP only playing the "First Movement" and "Third Movement", exclduing the 2nd. Why? In my humble opinion , the "Concerto" is not like an album from which you can pick the first, second, fourth and last tracks and play just this live, it must be the entire album. But i respect the unknown reasons that Deep Purple had to make the set list.

Well, another year, another show and the band is everytime getting better. See you soon, guys! We, the Spanish fans, can't wait for your next show! Thank you very much for making me feel good with your music.


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