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September 1 & 2 - Buenos Aires shows

My name is Manuel, I live in Argentina and I recently saw the shows (both) that Deep Purple played in Buenos Aires.

First of all, I want to apologize for my English. It's not my native tongue, but I'm improving it, so be patient. Also correct whatever you want from this letter. [Don't worry Manuel, your English is fine. Ed.]

The Friday night show was very good. The Symphony orchestra were a little nervous (not much, they played very well), but it's obvious; They're playing with Deep Purple.

After one hour some of the audience (about 20 or 30) got impatient and started to demand the old classics while the symphony orchestra was playing. This annoyed Lord and Gillan. You could see it in their faces. I don't agree with those jerks, I was angry too. Everybody knew that this would be a different show, a special one. I really enjoyed every part of the show!!!!

But when they started to play Purple songs like "Ted The Mechanic" or "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" the crowd went crazy, until they played "Pictures of Home" and finished with "Smoke On The Water". Dio and Gillan together - that was spectacular!!!!!

On Saturday, they changed the order in which they played the songs. They started strictly with the three movements. That was the first half of the show. Then Dio appeared and played four songs. Finishing with Gillan with the same songs they played on Friday. This time the audience had more respect and the symphony orchestra played an excellent set. It was a better show, and the band played great!!!!

Well, I hope this can help you. The site is wonderful, keep going!!!

Manuel Nuņez

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