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Here they are! For another BIGGGG show!!!!


I was in London in Sept, 1999 to see both the shows at the Royal Albert Hall. I could not miss the show in my own city. I must say, first of all, that the atmosphere was not the same. Maybe it was the venue, or maybe it was that it wasn't only "The Concerto", but a Tour!

But it was an amazing performance. Also, my wife Antonella (her first Deep Purple show) enjoyed the show!

Set list:
"Pictured Within"
"Sitting In A Dream"
"Love Is All"
"Fever Dreams"
"Rainbow In The Dark"
"Wring That Neck"
"When A Blind Man Cries"
"Ted The Mechanic"
Steve Morse with the orchestra
"Pictures Of Home"
"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming"
"Movement I"
"Movement III"
"Perfect Strangers"
"Smoke On The Water"


"Black Night"
"Highway Star"

Night's highlight: "Perfect Strangers": it's not my favourite but this time, with the orchestra, it was SUPERB. Very nice: "When A Blind Man Cries" (in a "Live At The Olympia" kind of sound). "Fools" also was very nice, even if the Steve Morse solo (great) was not very 'in' for the song.

Steve Morse played in a great way. I was in 7th row from the front, maybe 10 metres away. Amazing, absolutely. His hands fly on the guitar tab.

WHAT A PITY!!!!!!!!!!!
The didn't perform "Movement II" ( with Gillan words). Why? Maybe Gillan is not in a very good voice? I don't think so. Surely Gillan was drunk. Coming on stage he threw away his lyrics..... But, after, great voice as usual.

Lord, THE MAESTRO, splendid performance. The highlight of the night. For everyone.

What about Paicey? Very good amplification of his drums. And big power from him. Big job.

Also Roger, smiling as ever, (after Ritchie leaving), was in good sound.

More rock than in London, but it's OK.

After the gig, my friends and I met the band and Paul Mann at the Hotel. We now have pictures and signatures for ever....

Bye DP. See you soon.

Waiting for the new CD.

Carlo Alberto Migliazza

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