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Deep Purple live in Antwerpen, Belgium, September 30, 2000

At 20:30, the purple lights went on, and Jon Lord walked up the stage! He welcomed us, and introduced the guest singer. They started this wonderful evening with the song "Pictured Within".

After that, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, and Steve Morse came up, and special guest, Ronnie James Dio! They played the song "Sitting In A Dream", and it was a really nice version! After this, Dio introduced "Love Is All" with the words: "This next song is called "The Grasshopper's Feast at the Butterfly Ball!"" and he and Roger laughed. The violin part in the song was played by guitar!! Great solo Steve!

Then Dio played two songs of his own work, "Fever Dreams" and "Rainbow In The Dark". It was really cool to see Dio live!

After this, John introduced the brass section of the orchestra, ("I can't remember your names, but I will later on the tour!" he said to them!) and then they started to play the instrumental "Wring That Neck". The guitar parts were played by the brass section. It was really cool!

Then Ian Gillan came up!! He started "Ted The Mechanic" with his usual words: "It goesa lika thiz...".

The Purple evening started! After this, they played the song "Fools" of the album "Fireball", which was great to hear live and "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming". I just love the guitar work in this song!

The band was really good tonight, and it was good to see and hear them again after two years!

"Watching The Sky" came next, and after this, the orchestra and Jon started to play the "Adagio" music, which most of you will recognise as the theme music of the Vietnam movie "Platoon". This was the intro for "When A Blind Man Cries". This version just gave me the shivers! It was GOOD! The first solo was played by Jon, and towards the end, this song got really beautiful with all the interaction between the band and the orchestra!

Then, at 21:45, Ian introduced the 40 minutes "Concerto" and the orchestra started to play Jon's concert! I think it is really special for Jon, to be able to play his concert again after 30 years! The three classical pieces were really good. I think even the die-hard rock fans must have thought it was cool to see the great interaction between the band and the orchestra! This shows how good the Purples are as musicians! The beautiful three classical pieces, included a guitar solo, organ solo, and great drum solo. I play the drums myself, and I am left-handed too, so it was great to hear and see Ian Paice play this great solo!!

After this, the band played "Pictures Of Home". It was superb! The band left the stage, but returned! Steve started playing the riffs to "Sweet Home Alabama" (Lynyrd Skynyrd), "Whole Lotta Love" (Led Zeppelin) and "Purple Haze" (Jimi Hendrix), and then went into the riff of "Smooooke On The Water!!", and Dio returned to sing along! And with this song, Purple ended their 2,5 hour show!

It was really amazing! I want to give the Romanian Orchestra a very big compliment for doing a great job! They were fantastic! Ronnie James Dio was also great! It was great to see him live! He's a living legend!

And then, Deep Purple....You guys were amazing!! Jon, the concerto was great! Roger, Ian, Steve, and Ian, you guys were great! Thanx for the great evening! You guys rocked! The orchestra rocked...


Thanks, and see you guys again next time!

Yuri Beckers

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