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Munich gig

Last night I achieved a lifelong ambition: To somehow experience the "Concerto" live. I did this in Munich and I was not disappointed. I remember Deep Purple concerts from back at the beginning of the 70s, and this was just as good. A really professional band who know their job.

A couple of points stood out:
They really, genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves. The Munich show was getting towards the end of this tour, but there was no hint of lethargy, or being fed up with playing the "Concerto" for the n-th time. They laughed and played around; The atmosphere was tremendous.
Secondly, it was great to attend a show where the music and not the effects played the major role. There was no dry ice, no lasers, just a damned good rock and classic mixture of a quality which is very rare these days.

The reviewer who said the "Concerto" was years ahead of its time was quite correct. Many have tried it out but no one has pulled it off like Jon Lord & Co.

As Jon Lord wrote in the original sleeve notes to "Concerto": "To merely say thank you misses the mark by a million miles" or something similar! I can only say THANK YOU. It was a tremendous evening - full of humor, good vibes and good no-frills rock. Well done!

Tim Blea

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