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Deep Purple in Concert in Munich, Germany

Deep Purple's concert at the Olympiahalle in Munich was one of the most amazing, and definitely most awsome live concerts I have ever experienced so far. And I definitely have to mention that the overwhelming success was also due to the perfect settings of light and sound. The roadies did a marvellous job, light and sound was perfectly adjusted and the accustics in this Munich concert hall is outstanding.

Here my sumary of the concert. The audience was in a great mood. There were no negative interruptions whatsoever even though one might have heard the contrary. Well, maybe because the concert took place in Bavaria which made it possible for Austrians, Swiss and Italians to participate, people from countries who are well behaved....

The musicians of the symphony orchester entered the stage at 08:05 pm, tuned their instruments and like 8 minutes after that, Jon Lord and Georg Ernescu arrived on stage. [You must mean Paul Mann, the conductor. Ed.] Jon Lord introduced himself, said hello to the audiance and informed us about the roots and origins of this performance - "The Concert For Group And Orchestra" which he composed 31 years ago.

Set list: 1. "Pictured Within": Great performance by Miller Anderson.
2. "Sitting In A Dream": Fantastic cheerings by the audience when Ronnie James Dio (ex-Rainbow singer) entered the stage. He is really very small and this time he did not even wear high heels, but his voice is still something else.
3. "Love Is All": Outstanding performance (from "Butterfly Ball" by Roger Glover).
4. "Fever Dreams": The Purple-guys really in action now... Great song, very hard tuned guitar.
5. "Rainbow In The Dark": A most fantastic song, Ronnie James Dio with Deep Purple.
6. "Wring That Neck": Ian Paice is doing a great job never to be forgotten... Perfect.

Ian Gillan entered the stage.

7. "Fools": Unbelievable to hear Purple play this outstanding song once more after nearly 28 years!

I am sorry, if I am mixing up the following songs now, but this evening was such a great experience for me that I might have forgotten the right order...

8. "Ted The Mechanic": Heavy as always... Perfectly performed.
9. "The World's Best...??" The UUULLLTTIMAAATEEE!!!! Steve was on a roll. He is such an artist on his instrument and the harmony is never missing.
10. "Pictures Of Home": Interesting arrangement of the orchestra and then Ian Paice with his thunderous drums. Could be compared with Cozy Powell - "Overture 1812" with Rainbow in 1978 here in the Olympiahalle in Munich: The drum riser was raised to the rainbow and came back down again - but this one here was muuuuuch better!
11. "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming": Nevertheless, great.
12. "Concerto" in 3 parts ("First Movement", "Second Movement" and "Third Movement"): The non plus ultra! Orchester and band in their best form! Ian Paice played like out of space... The audiance was absolutely stunned and overwhelmed with his solo. Standing ovations... Absolutely top!
13. "Perfect Strangers": Nearly not describable... Very strong song, the audiance was totally enthusiastic... The orchestra was perfect. These instrumental parts in the middle and the end of the song were worth the trip to Munich alone.
14. "Smoke On The Water": Steve Morse plays an intro like Jimi Hendrix(!), I think it was "Foxy Lady". The audience was out of their minds... The applause was sooo powerful and everybody was shouting for more, encore!!!

Encores: 15. "Black Night": Sing-along by Steve Morse.
16. "Highway Star": As soon as the stars were thrown onto the curtains I knew what would follow: Standing ovations!!!

All in all an evening never to be forgotten in the history of music (an orchestra and a hard rock band playing absolutely perfectly together). The audience gave standing ovations nearly all the time. Deep Purple you are the best! Also the performance of the orchester was outstanding. Three hours and 10 minutes = 220 minutes live music as its best! It is very difficult to talk about this gigantic musical event. One had to be there to know what I mean.

Best regards from Kitzbühl, Austria,

Caroline & Manfred Frey

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