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Buenos Aires, 2000

Here is my review of the shows made on September 1 and 2.

Living in Buenos Aires, I didn't get the chance to see Deep Purple performing live until 1997, when Deep Purple's tours began to include South America, and of course, Buenos Aires. From then on, I attended every one of Purple's gigs in town (three in 1997 and two in 1999).

I feel lucky to be able to see this magnificent band in person. When I saw the CD of 1999's Royal Albert Hall "Concerto", I didn't believe it. I bought it right away, of course, and after I heard it, I felt envious of those who where there to enjoy those two shows live. I never thought that one year later I was going to be watching it myself! When the two dates where anounced (two months earlier), I bought the tickets for both nights right away, and the long waiting began...

Finally the time passed, and the band arrive... Then I receive another unexpected bonus: Ian Gillan gave an interview on one of our radios!!!

Here I make an special remark: Ian said that he feels that Ritchie is not being fulfilled these days, and that he was thinking of calling him to talk and maybe to offer him to do something together!!!

Friday. Went to work, but only one thing was on my mind, I couldn't concentrate on anything... The night came and I was on my way to the stadium. What I saw on those two nights was something that was beyond my definition of a perfect performance!!

The orchestra and the band played like if they where together from months away. The "Concerto" was played in a magnificent way. I guess no one is going to be surprised if I tell you that Dio's songs, played by Roger, Jon, Steve and Paice were unbelievable.

The songs from their solo careers were great too. "Wring That Neck" and "Pictures Of Home" were other gems they gave us. Finally, the band played some songs from the last records, pumping out the power they possess!! And the final ending was with everybody on stage (just perfect). Every single moment in this show was a highlight.

In conclusion, if a have to rate the shows, I give it 11 of 10. Excellent!!

Agustín L. Santulli

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