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Review vienna 27 10 2000

Oct 27th, 2000: Deep Purple live concert in the musical city of Vienna.

Oct 28th, 2000: the next day... Two amazed people still talking about the concert!!!! :-)

Hey everybody,

once again Deep Purple are on tour - what an experience!! This evening was really unbelievable. The band and this marvellous 81-piece orchestra created a wonderful show - we will never forget this night!! We have seen some great Purple shows already, this one was something very special.

Our favourites were "When A Blind Man Cries" (a great classic!); "The Well Dressed Guitar" (a.k.a. "Guitar Strings", hope to hear this one again - maybe on the next cd...?); "Concerto Movements 1-3" (a great battle between group and orchestra).

The whole band (including the incredible Ronnie James Dio) seemed to be in a good mood - maybe because of the audience? Everybody was listening carefully even in the quiet parts of the show.

Sad for those, who missed the chance to experienced it by themselves, lucky were the ones who joined the show like we did...

Congratulations to DP and the orchestra for this incredible creation - all the best for the future and many greetings from Austria.

P.S. Hope to see DP soon again!!!

Farah & Alex

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