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Deep Purple in Antwerp

Well, it was quite an evening.... September 30th.... Deep Purple in Antwerp. An excellent display from the very best artists in rock history, with a great tracklist which included oldies like "Fools" and "When A Blind Man Cries", songs from the "Butterfly Ball", newer songs like "Ted The Mechanic" and "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming", and then there was, of course, "The Concerto". It was a sublime mixture of classical music, rock and classic rock.

"The Concerto" has always been one of my favourite albums and the vinyl is severely worn to prove it. It was wonderful to hear "The Concerto" live. Of course there were some changes in the guitar solos and the voice of Ian has changed, but the whole thing was a big success. The crowd loved it. (I've never seen such a mixture of people coming to a concert.) There must have been three generations of music lovers there. Old hippies, hard-rockers, students, businessmen, and even a couple in their mid sixties or early seventies (maybe they expected only classical music being misled by the billboard), but all enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Deep Purple, you did it again! See you later this month at the Ahoy in Rotterdam.

Tony Kerklaan

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