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Deep Purple in Zurich

Hi there,

We (my wife and myself) saw the new Purple Tour with the orchestra in Zurich a few days ago (on Wednesday, October 18).

It was absolutely great, perfect, and full of good music like always when the 5 boys (sorry: elder men) stayed on stage. For us it's one of the greatest things we've ever seen. The greatest thing was to be in there and to hear the full "Concerto For Group And Orchestra". John Lord 30 years ago wrote a great symphony, to be listened to just like Beethoven's, Bruckner's or Tchaikowsky's works.

We thank you for all the years of music, also in harder times, when people changed.

We love you, John, Ian G., Ian P., Roger and Steve.

Your music was with us from your first single, "Hush".

Geni & Beatrice Thomann

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