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Review of Deep Purple's show at Congress Centrum Hamburg

First of all I'd like to say, that Hamburg is a nice city and I enjoyed the staying in Hamburg.

The show took place at the Congress Centrum. The Congress Centrum has about 3000 seats. The hall looks like a theatre. The show was sold out and began at 20:35 and ended at 23:15. Three members of the band had problems with traffic. This was the reason of delay.

I had a good view (row 2) and I could see almost everything. Jon Lord and Ian Paice were in the middle of the stage, Roger Glover to the left and Steve Morse to the right of the stage. Ian Gillan was nowhere and everywhere. The back of the stage was for Paul Mann and The Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Now I'm trying to recall the most memorable moments of the concert. Jon Lord: "The show begins quietly and is slowly getting louder" (he showed with his hands how).

The first song was "Pictured Within": I like this song and I think Miller Anderson was a good choice for it (although Gillan could sing it very well). The second song was "Sitting In A Dream" by Roger Glover. It was the first time I saw Ronnie James Dio live. He is in great form. I think it was the best song featuring Ronnie Dio in that show. Miller Anderson played guitar.

"Love Is All". Steve Morse did a nice solo in it. The next two songs were from Dio's albums (one of them called "Magica"). The songs were heavy and it was interesting to see Deep Purple with Dio as a singer. Steve Morse, Roger Glover and Ian Paice played very well.

Then Jon Lord announced Ian Paice as a "best rock drummer in the world". Jon Lord: "The next thing is from early Purple. It is called "Wring That Neck". We wrote it before the madness began". It had trumpet and saxophone solos in it instead of fiddle solo like at the RAH.

After this performance Jon Lord said: "Don't worry. We have other singers." It was the time for Ian Gillan. The first song with him was "Fools". It sounded not quite like on "Fireball", but it has new brilliant parts (combination of Gillan's voice and guitar of Steve Morse playing together).

"When A Blind Man Cries". Gillan and Morse made a masterpiece again. Jon Lord did a good solo (handshakes with Gillan after that). The orchestra sounded also good. The next song was for Roger Glover. The main instrument in "Ted The Mechanic" is bass-guitar.

Ian Gillan: "The next thing is brand new. We played it first time a couple of days ago... Yesterday!!" It was an instrumental song for Steve Morse and the orchestra. Virtuoso from Steve Morse!!

"Pictures Of Home". I think Paul Mann loves this song. I saw him singing. "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming". Steve Morse made this song 'scream' and it was great.

Ian Gillan: "I proudly present for you Jon Lord's "Concerto"." He also talked about the meaning of the three movements. The "First Movement". Standing ovation after this. The sound live can not be compared to any CD with the best audiosystem. It is much better. If anybody has doubts, the "First Movement" is a good opportunity to prove it!

The "Second Movement". Gillan screams: "Hooooooooow can I see when the light is gone out..." The "Third Movement". Ian Paice did the best solo I've ever seen from him. Fantastic!! Standing ovation after "Concerto For Group And Orchestra"!!

"Perfect Strangers". The crowd was getting wild. Everybody clapped their hands. The intro from Morse was loud and cool. The outro from Lord was virtuoso. Gillan's voice was brilliant. I think he enjoyed it himself!

"Smoke On The Water". The madness! I screamed "smoke on the water" as loud as I could and I did not hear my own voice!!

Ian Gillan: "This was the best show on this tour".

I saw Deep Purple five times before. Every time it was cool, but this time it was absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed it very very much. I wish all Purple fans could experience like this.

Keep on rockin' and take care,

Oleg Nedospassov

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