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Tour Review: Deep Purple on News Station, Japanese TV, March 25th, 2000

I've now watched the video of "News Station" (broadcast on TV Asahi Network, 25 March) with a DP item on it:

They put a guitar on the street outside Shinbashi Station in Tokyo, with a sign next to it saying "Deep Purple on your street corner - please feel free to play", and then filmed several people (of different generations, including a group of Westerners in business suits) playing "Smoke on the Water" on it.

Back in the studio, with Jon Lord & Ian Gillan in front of the camera with the presenter, the former is asked for his comment and answers "I'm happy for them. It certainly makes me proud that people remember something we did such a long time ago."

The presenter then comments on his age, adding that in Japan it's not so easy to age so well and he was envious in a way of Mr. Lord for being able to keep on rocking so hard at his age. "And now, after the street Deep Purple, here are the real Deep Purple," he introduces the band, who play "Smoke on the Water".

(BTW, is it just me, or did the group - on this show as well as on the 45-minute special on ZDF, Germany - not really play, but mime to a pre-recorded tape, namely the "Live in Australia" recording???) [A remixed version of "Total Abandon", yes. - Ed.]

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Akiko Hada

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