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Tour Review: Deep Purple World Tour 2000 in Thessaloniki, Greece, April 12th, 2000

I think that this concert in Thessaloniki was one of the best in the latest years. The crowd was super and the group wanted to make them happy.

It was the first time Deep Purple performed in Thessaloniki and the crowd was "thirsty" to watch them live.

The tickets were sold almost 10 days before the concert and no one could find one even in a highest price.

It was hot and the group made us hotter. We want them back. They are the kings of rock and they made us proud of being fans of this great group.

Keep on the good job boys, we will be with you till the end.

Last but not least , all the members of the group were super but Steve Morse was really really perfect.

Dionisis Manolopoulos

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