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St. Petersburg review

Hey! I'm Igor Apoukhtin, TV reporter from St. Petersburg, Russia. And I was at the DP show!
Sorry for my poor English, but I have something to say after DP's great gig on the banks of the Neva river, at the Northern capital of Russia.
Well, at April, 7, some about 20.000 peoples waiting for DP at the Jubileiny Sport Palace at one hour before 7.00 PM, when the sow must will be started. They all have known, that DP landed at Pulkovo-2 airport at 4.05 PM, and they had come at the time.
But DP were late. And spectators had got possibility to come in to the Jubileiny only at 8.30 PM. Nobody told us what had happened.
9.00 - two hours we had waited for DP. A great number of people, who waited during two hours had got a lot of beer and vodka. Some people lost control over themselves and went asleep at the corridors of Jubileiny, but few time later they were awaked with the DP music.
But it had happened only at 10 PM. Since 9 PM some music were played from CD, and stuff with the serious faces do something at the stage with drums, bass, Korg, and guitar. Again and again. There were some problems with the sound, I seemed. Once again drums. Once again bass. Once again guitar, but something really has going wrong way during one hour.
"Deep Purple! Deep Purple forever!" - crying and shouting everybody. The middle age of presence people were about forty. But here was and very young boys and girls - 12 years old (it's my son), and few seats at the right hand here was a girl some about 6 years old. This was fantastic! We're all want to listen DP live!
At the first time I had heard about the DP and listened their music at the early 1970-th, when the iron curtain between USSR and the West were closed. Somebody, who had worked abroad had brought records of April, Fireball, Machine Head and so on, and we had copied that music from one tape recorder to another a lot of times. It was an fresh stream, and we had learned that "Fools pass laughing still". DP had come with Lalena as a Stormbringers, and, after all, my own generation made a step Into The Fire at the "perestroyka" years, and we're Burn up to now.
DP were the idea, step to a different life, mode of life, religion and tools for breakthrough.
So, at the smoked hall of Jubileiny we waited again for our mind leaders, for our youth, for our source of energy.
10.00 PM: all problems were solved. Lights goes down, and "My Women From Tokyo" blew the hall. Gillan were tired after the plane, and he had sung not correctly, passed harmony at the moments. Sound mixer working bad - music was much louder than his voice. But we are glad - DP here again!
All of the DP best songs were presented (their golden years, certainly). Speed Kings with the music show inside, when everybody - Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Steve Morse, Roger Glover and Ian Pace - demonstrated their mastership. "69" from Abandon - the new way of DP without Blackmore's specific sound, but with the speedy guitar gymnastic by Morse, who really have done this new DP way of sound. Great improvisations of Lord and Morse had driven us crazy - from the Lord's own improvisations up to Morse's talent to take from his guitar very different sounds - as a violin or flute.
And, really, Ian Paice, who banged his drums as a robot, and, after all ha stopped his exercises, put his head at his right hand, and with the left hand he had done a very fast drumming - Jesus! Nobody can do that at all! - we thought. And a storm of applause was our gift to Paice.
A lot of DP greatest hits were sounded that evening. And many people had sung along with the Ian Gillan - Pictures Of Home, Fools, Perfect Strangers, Smoke On The Water.
"Russian People's Band", - told somebody about DP. And that's true. Not any another rock group made the same for Russian people during their breakthrough from the communist's camps of "future happy life" to real sense of life, to real new wave, to real dynamic of life - nor The Beatles, nor Led Zeppelin, nor Queen, nor Pink Floyd, nor Black Sabbath and so on. We have listened their records, we have loved them up to now, but DP is N1.
And because of that, I hope, any time, when DP will welcoming to any city of Russia, there will be a great success, and a lot of people will come to the show - an old ones, who remain the same as a lot years ago, and a young boys and girls, who love DP now, because DP themselves very young as they are, too.
And nobody know, how many years after DP music will be need by people

Igor Apoukhtin

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