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Set list and a couple of thoughts...

DP did it again - there wasn't a single face that wasn't smiling after the gig!!! It was SUPERB, Fantastic and the rest of the superlatives.
First a couple of things about pre-gig party, it turned out to be really nice event, the bar was full of people, music was good (DP: Abandon and Made in Japan 2CD version - I didn't have any other CDs with me and it turned out that the bar didn't have any DP CDs after all, Krisse had that latest collection 2CD version so there was plenty of music...) and it was really nice to meet old friends from Finland and other countries and make new friends - all the best to Kuusamo, Eskiltuna and was it Oslo???!!! Have a safe trip back to home and see you soon.

...and the gig!!!
Ben Granfelt band supported, well they played a couple of Ben's own songs - which sound like Satriani to me, and a couple of all time classics like White Room. Not bad set, but he had a bit difficult situation since I'm sure everyone was there for just one reason:
Here comes the set-list and a couple of comments:
They started with Woman From Tokyo, which to me is a bit strange starter, but anyway everyone knew the song and it set the mood just right - there were a lot's of smiling and happy nodding in the Old Ice-hall yesterday.
Next came Fireball - Roger played kinda solo here which he is used to do in Pictures of Home - they played a very rollin' version. Then straight to Into The Fire, these two songs were played like they were played at the House of Blues in 1997.
Then song about missed phone number and something, Ian talked very much between the songs, Sometimes i feel like screaming, which was followed by the absolute ROCKER of the evening:
69 - which is by the way Ian's "favourite position". Steve's playing is so tight here (well of course the whole band is tight, but this song is so guitar driven) that riff just makes you throw your fist in the air in the old heavy metal way!!!:)
Jon lord/Steve played some riffs, Paint it Black for example, then spotlight to Steve...loads of riffs - Iron Man included and then: Smoke on the water!
Then came the biggest surprise and the most powerful yet beatiful song of the evening - first time live:
Fools!!!! I almost hold my breath during the song, it was so good and touching.
Then a song you can dance to, well in a way that headless chicken dances, that was the Ian's introduction to Black Night. They played really a jamming version.
"Competetive song", Watching the sky. I've started to like this song more and more recently and here it was like any other Purple tune, just as good as any of those older ones.
Jon Lord played a little intro to Morse's solo which was pretty much the same as on previous tours, but much shorter. Very well built solo anyway.
Any fule kno that led into Jon Lord's solo - first he played some lighter piano music, some classical stuff and then that "noise" [Noise?! - Ed.] he always does which led into Perfect Strangers. Jon's Lord was good, but too short - Jon had some trouble in the beginning of the gig so that might explain something.
Perfect Stranger was good, it's a song which makes Ian sing with his whole body and makes him look like ballet dancer. :)
Then a bit of blues, When a Blind Man Cries - just beautiful - Ian and Steve did very good job here!
Then a LOT's of talk by Ian which I - I'm not sure if anyone - couldn't understand and then Speed King/jam/Morse and Lord playing against each other/ Roger's solo -excellent, such a rolling bass lines/Little-Ian's solo as good as ever!!!/ Fever!!!!! that was funny - like was when Ian sang and Steve tried to play that...not exactly Made in Japan, but very funny and entertaining. And that's it. Almost.

First Lazy then Highway star, those two made the set-list just perfect. Roger and Little-Ian had their usual bandanas, Steve and Jon looked like they've always looked and Ian seems to be into the pyjamas - introduced to us at Royal Albert Hall - and strange looking shoes. This time Ian first had a white pyjama and red dancing shoes - then he took shoes off and in the middle of set - if I remember correctly he put black pyjama on before Perfect Strangers.
Stage was very simple, only instruments and some lights, everything was about music.
At this moment I can't add anything here, perhaps a couple of photos... :)

Thanks to everyone who made that concert such a great!

Tero Honkasalo

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