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Tour Review: Deep Purple World Tour 2000 in Athens, Greece, April 13th, 2000

I count myself one of the older DP fans - almost anything these guys do, send little shivers down my spine. On to the concert:

The venue was crap. Badly organised, no ventilation or safety precautions, but packed. The sound was equally crap, especially on God's - sorry, Gillan's vocals. But the concert was still great. It needed a bigger, better venue to make it magical- you listening, organisers?

The set was mostly pre-Morse. I, for one would have liked to see more new material - I'm not your lover, Rosa's cantina, Castle full of rascals, Hey Cisco, Don't make me happy, Fingers to the bone - these would have been great live - there goes the tingles again...

Ian Paice was the star of the show. I bet he could solo for a couple hours and still keep us all mesmerized. Jon was majestic, as always, even though he was hidden behind the keyboards. Roger was keeping it all together having a (butterfly?) ball. God was, well, God. A slightly older God but no less energetic then before. A few slower, blues numbers would have suited his current voice better. And Steve - is there any style he can't play? He is no Ritchie, he is everything Ritchie is not, and vice versa. If it wasn't for Steve, there would be no Purpendicular or Abandon. The man is a combination of Michael Jordan and also the guy who makes you win just by his positioning and passing (you have to be a basketball nut too..). A definite MVP.

One request to the band - how about showing off the subtleties (blues, jazz, classical - the essential elements in Purple) in your music by doing something along the "unplugged" lines, or "Acoustic Purple".

Mmmmm, more tingles coming on.......

Now, when are you coming to Cyprus?

Manolis Kroussaniotakis

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