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Tour Review: Deep Purple World Tour 2000 in Kleinen Scheidegg, Switzerland, April 15th, 2000

On Saturday, 15th of April I saw a Deep Purple show in a very special place: Up in the Swiss mountains!!! It was absolutey great, genius, incredible! The "Kleine Scheidegg" is more than 6000 feet. It was snowing the whole day.

The band finally appeared at 2.15 pm and the show opened with "Woman From Tokyo". It was a very special mood from the begninning: The snow, the Swiss fans, the mountains and the greatest band ever! What more do you want?

The band was in a good mood, especially Steve (I saw him for the first time; Sorry, but forget Ritchie). Jon's solos were rather short; because he had cold fingers I think (there's no doubt about that).

The most impressive songs were "Fools", "Speed King" and "Lazy". Unfortunately the show finished just after 90 minutes with "Highway Star". Right when the sun began to shine.

Yesterday, I was listening the whole day to my Purple live CD's. Ritchie: Your guitar playing on "Made in Japan" is still great, but listen to Steve Morse. I would like to to have a band with both heros! Dream on.

Im looking very much forward to the Deep Purple and Orchestra show on October 5th in Switzerland. So long.

Patrik Brunner

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