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To enjoy a concert you have to find your place in it, in the hall. This time it was not in the first or second row as usually because of too much pushing. I just can't concentrate on the music if I hardly can breath. It was not near the mixers either - that was too far. After some wandering I finally found myself in the tenth row. That was perfect.

From there I could admire the smiling faces of the musicians. There I had enough space to move to the magic music. There I closed my eyes and as nobody touched me I had the feeling I was surrounded by the music only. I let the music flow through me and I forgot myself. No more outlines, no more body that keeps your feet on the ground. Just your mind in the flow of music like a feather in the air - dancing quietly, trustfully, peacefully, forgetting the time and place, everything.

This kind of a spiritual experience is rare in a rock concert. But "Perfect Strangers" and "When A Blind Man Cries" confirmed to me that it is not impossible. Then the atmosphere changed. It became physical again and the music made me to dance. Wow.

In Deep Purple music there are many different levels, yes indeed, as there are in all of us. Sometimes it speaks to your eyes and ears, sometimes to your body and another time to your mind - or to them all at the same time. And there are many right ways to enjoy the music: watch, listen, feel the music, dance to it and be a part of it! Such a joy!

Thank you Deep Purple for an unforgettable concert.

Sirpa Hammar

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