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snOwPEN AIR, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland April 15, 2000

Yesterday afternoon I attended the Deep Purple concert at the Snowpen-Air in Bernese Oberland at 2000 meters above see level. A fantastic open air concert in the middle of 4000 meters high mountains and lots of snow.
Although it was snowing heavily during the concert, the band did a tremendous job.

Ian Gillan and Steve Morse were the two leaders, but all of the guys were in very good shape. They really seemed to like the gig and had a fantastic contact with the audience, which really got hot in spite of the temperature below zero.

After the concert they took the railway back from the mountain top with the fans, very sympathetic.
They seem to be very nice people, no snobs at all. Steve threw some plectrums into the crowd after the concert and I managed to get one. So: DP forever!!!

Jan den Otter

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