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Finally get to see Deep Purple
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July 10/97

This is a story that finally has a happy ending.

When HUSH was released in '68 I became a fan instantly. I could never catch the named of the band who performed the song, and was at a loss for a few years.

Early '71 a friend came over from my first band playing me an 8 track of "In Rock" saying, "you gotta listen to this drummer". I was mind blown at Ian's drumming. Being a young drummer at the time, I knew I had found my mentor. I asked my friend if that was Deep Purple's first album, replying no.....he took me over to his home and pulled out the album which had HUSH on it. Well, needless to say I was overwhelmed, it was the same band I liked for several years not knowing who they were.

I had my first opportunity to see Deep Purple in '72 when they were playing in Vancouver with Fleetwood Mac and Roary Ghalliger, that became a nightmare for me. The fellow in front of me got the last ticket, there wasn't a scalper to be found, and unfortunately I never did get to see my musical heros.

During the StormBringer tour, I had tickets purchased with a friend in Vancouver, and the day of the concert, the city I lived in got hit with a blizzard, the airport was closed, also all highways, once again, I never got to see the band that was my biggest influence.

Over the years I have purchased all albums, and now replacing them all with CD's, hoping that someday, somewhere I could be blessed by the musical experience of Deep Purple.

Two months ago, a friend said he had heard Deep Purple was going to be playing at the Classic Rock Weekend near Calgary on Aug. 03/97. I thought for sure my friend was stringing me a line, and when I heard the ad on the radio myself.....I was blown away that after all these years, I once more have an opportunity to see the band.

I immediately called my 15 yr. old son and asked if he wanted to go and see Mr. Ian Paice play the drums, he was shocked, I turned him onto Deep Purple a few years ago saying how much Mr. Paice's drumming has inspired my drumming. My son replied "Of course Dad", I said good, 'cause Deep Purple will be playing at the Classic Rock Weekend and then I went and bought tickets right away.

For myself, 25 years have passed, slowly, waiting for this golden opportunity, and it is only 3 1/2 weeks away!!! My son & I are looking forward to this like you wouldn't believe. I am hoping that somehow, with all the people that will be at the site, estimates of 20,000, that my son & I could get up close to get a few pictures of the band, and possibly, even shake hands with both of our drumming mentor, Mr. Ian Paice.

Thanks for your time in reading this story, it is true, and once the show has taken place, I will try to send another experience, hopefully with some pictures.

Thanks again.

A devoted fan.

Ryan Herzog
(Calgary, Alberta - Canada)

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