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Deep Purple - High River, Aug 3
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[Note: This was originally a private email published here with permission from Carl. - Svante]

Hi Svante,

Here's what I wrote after returning from Calgary. I sent this to Wolf. Glen asked that I forward to you. Could you please add it to the tour review section? Muchas gracias!


Hi Wolf,

It was bloody awesome!!! I read the review you mentioned by Morgan Rodwell and I couldn't disagree with him more. Obviously he was not standing at the same spot as Glen or I because the sound was the best I'd ever heard for Purple. The start-up troubles were minimal. The last minute change in Jon's organ didn't affect the show and once RG's bass got going everything was great. According to IG, someone tripped over a cord and disconnected a power supply for RG's amp.

Glen Miller and I positioned ourselves about what would have been dead centre, Row 50 (had there been seats) in order to get a good balance of sound. (At the Toronto show I was over slightly to the right of the stage (and an arm's length from RG) and thus I only heard RG and IP, with SM barely audible at the best of times - not good. Therefore for this show, Glen and I were determined that we would hear them properly. And we did!! The sound was the best I have heard a concert in a long time and I have been to many shows over the years. Gone were the obvious "hockey rink" sound effects that ruin most shows.

The show itself was easily the best I'd ever seen for Purple. The band was well rested and sounded incredible. IG was in top form and I don't believe I've heard him better in many, many years. The audience had waited all day (and it was a long HOT day) to see Purple and they just loved them. Even the newer stuff like Ted was greeted enthusiastically which I was really glad to see.

Now Glen Miller, Professional Journalist and Band Manager Wanna-Be - eh Glen? :`) is going to write the "definitive" review of this show I am sure. Watch for it because I am willing to bet that you won't believe what he will write. Let's just say that this was the most amazing night for me and Glen. One that I know we will never forget. (shades of Smoke on High River....)

As for the expression "brush with greatness"? Hell, we was smacked upside the head with greatness!!! More to follow from Glen.

Sorry that you weren't there! We met lots of Purple people many who demanded to know where we got our DP t-shirts from. The ones sold at the venue had nothing on the back whereas ours have the names of the countries for the _|_ tour. Apart from 2 styles of DP shirts (the usual _|_ logo and the other with IG), there was nothing else DP related for sale.

Traffic was sure slow this weekend. It took us 12 hours each way to/from Calgary which was rather tiring in the heat but it was well worth it. Don't know when Purple will be back in our neck of the woods but there may be some NA dates in 1998 - we shall have to wait and see. In the mean time, keep building up those air mile points for free travel!!

Well, I'm off to work so I'll see you later!


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